Dr Rishi Manchanda, Chief Medical Officer and Author, United States

Author of The Upstream Doctors, founder of HealthBegins, and evangelist of the ‘upstreamist’ movement, Rishi shares breakthrough solutions to reinvigorate primary care in the US and protect the future of our health by addressing the social and environmental conditions at the source of illness.
A leader at the forefront of a new generation of healthcare practitioners, Rishi is transforming conventional care with a decidedly holistic approach. His philosophy focuses on identifying and treating the underlying issues that plague comprehensive patient health.
In his popular TED talk, and accompanying book, Rishi shows that the future of our health, and our healthcare system, depends on supporting the doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners who look at the root cause of illness to improve patient health, rather than simply going for quick-fix symptomatic relief.
On stage, he illustrates his vision for reimagined treatment and offers a fascinating look inside local and global healthcare systems. With inspiring anecdotes and insightful perspective, Rishi galvanizes physicians to look outside the clinic walls to remedy an ailing system, one patient at a time.

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