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Intense, informative, innovative conference programme

You will have access to over 100 high-profile speakers covering plenary sessions, interactive workshops, rapid-fire talks, panel debates, and more. You will hear from local and international presenters, who are pioneering change and making a real difference to the lives of their patients, their organisation, and the health sector at large.


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Day 1: 20 Sept 2017 Intensive Sessions

Day 2: 21 Sept 2017 General Programme

Day 3: 22 Sept 2017 General Programme

Conference theme and streams


Based on the theme 'Lead the change you want to see' and inspired by the Carl Sagan quote "Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known", this year's forum will reinforce concepts of innovation, collaboration, transformation and leadership.



The programme and poster streams are:


Lead Outfit yourself, and your people, with the authentic leadership qualities required to reach new heights. Chart a course for emerging leaders and create an environment that empowers people to tackle their own ascent.
Innovate Hear from early adopters about the benefits and lessons learned from implementing digital solutions for clinical enablement. Are we using technology to its potential - where it’s improving healthcare processes, producing meaningful information, and ultimately improving patient outcomes?
Grow Cultivate your passion and resilience to enable yourself, and your teams, to compassionately contribute to the health of your population. Your wellbeing affects that of those in your care too. Allow yourself to reflect on what you do, why, and restore your energy.
Integrate Hear from people who have spearheaded integration campaigns to close the gap between primary and tertiary health services, and those who are proactively working with our colleagues from related sectors. Map a patient pathway that delivers improvements in accessibility, reliability, and patient safety while reducing costs.
Change Achieving the scale of change that is required in healthcare systems globally will require big thinking, cultural transformation, operational excellence, and durability. Hear from pioneers who are leading large-scale disruptive change.
Design At the centre of what we do is the desire to design services that provide excellence in quality and patient safety. Take a look at best practice examples from high performing organisations and learn how they have designed optimal services that result in excellence as measured by quality standards and accreditation.



While these may not be formal 'streams' the following three concepts will be represented throughout the programme and APAC Forum activities:


Co-design Designing services in tandem with the people who use them will ultimately lead to better quality and patient experience. By collaborating with staff, consumers and families to combine knowledge and expertise we can transform healthcare experiences for all.
Respect We know from decades of health reporting that populations do not enjoy equal health. Learn about a range of innovative interventions and preventative measures that are being successfully implemented to improve indigenous health.
Access Recognising that while much of the population has access to hospitals those in rural and remote localities often do not. Hear from people who are implementing campaigns that leverage innovation to improve access to health services despite geography.