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The APAC Forum is proudly brought to you by Ko Awatea

Delivered by the frontline for frontline health

Part of what makes the APAC Forum unique, and so reputable, it that it is a product of Ko Awatea – the centre for healthcare innovation and improvement at Counties Manukau Health.


Serving one of the fastest growing, most socio-economically disadvantaged populations in New Zealand, we have had to find new ways of thinking about healthcare service provision to maintain a high standard of care for the people of Counties Manukau. But we know that the challenges facing the delivery of health and other public sector services aren’t unique to our locality.


Against a backdrop of ageing populations, prevalence of long-term health conditions, rising patient demand, and tight financial constraints, healthcare systems everywhere are facing the need to change. And that has driven us to work collaboratively with like-minded organisations within Asia Pacific and the rest of the world to learn, share and activate change.


At Ko Awatea we develop leadership for improvement, build will, create new ways of thinking, and execute change programmes – all while continuously building capability to improve system wide processes.


We are not only innovators and facilitators, but also a connecting force that brings the healthcare industry together to advance innovation and quality improvement for the betterment of our communities and populations. And one of the ways we do that is through our APAC Forum.


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