Ko Awatea proudly presents our

4TH APAC Forum

23rd – 25th September 2015

Auckland’s Sky City Convention Centre

This year’s APAC Forum promises to be our biggest and best yet. APAC brings together the best minds in healthcare, improvement and innovation. It isn’t just a conference; APAC is an opportunity to enhance professional knowledge, hear the latest thinking, network, and gain direction, inspiration and advice. We know it can change the lives of those who attend and, more importantly, those in their care.

You will have access to more than 130 high-profile speakers from covering 42 workshops (not to mention the optional extra full day ‘intensive’ sessions). You will hear from international and local presenters who are pioneering change and making a real difference to their organisations and to the lives of their patients.


Join us in our pursuit of excellence.  Join us in our pursuit of transforming healthcare for the benefit of our patients and our communities.  Join us in our pursuit of innovation and improvement.

The 4th APAC Forum will be centred on the idea of expanding stellar bodies as a metaphor for the expansion of minds and knowledge. Our themes (Value Based Healthcare, Leadership, Transformational Change, Co-Design, High Performing Organisations and Knowledge Management) will be presented with space-based imagery and delegates will be challenged to expand their universe, take an intergalactic perspective, and make explosive change.

There are over 130 high-profile speakers covering 40+ workshops and panel discussions, not to mention the optional extra full day ‘intensive’ session. Delegates can expect to hear the stories of individuals who are pioneering change and making a real difference to their organisation. Register early now!

Don’t Miss Out!

Early Bird Registrations end May 31st.


Charles Vincent

Itay Talgam

Jonathon Gray

Ruby Wax

  • Dr Andrew Old
  • Dr George Gray
  • Dr Jo Soldan
  • Dianne May
  • Brandon Bennett
  • Stephanie Easthope
  • Ian Hutchby
  • Andrew Cooper (Wales)
  • Christina Krause
  • Dr Lynne Maher
  • Maxine Power
  • Dorothy Jones
  • Lisa Schilling
  • Amy Compton-Phillips
  • Andrew Kerr
  • Hahrie Han
  • Alexandra Nicholas
  • Dr Margaret Aimer
  • Alex Twigg
  • Martin Chadwick
  • Vicki Evans
  • Tania Wolfgramm
  • Elizabeth Powell
  • William (Bill) G. Reed
  • Petra Bagust
The pre-forum intensives, on Wednesday 23 September, feature some of the most impressive speakers. These chaired seminars, with renowned international experts, are mini-courses or ‘how to’ guides with group discussion. They’ll provide you with an opportunity to take an intensive ‘deep dive’ into the topics. Make the most of your APAC experience by attending all three days. If you haven’t attended the ‘intensives’ before, you’re missing out. Simple as that. It’s hard to articulate the value these accelerated learning environments deliver. The quality of speakers at the APAC Forum is so bountiful that the hardest part can be deciding which of the 15 intensives you will attend.


Once again APAC has secured a lively, interesting and challenging programme, with each of the 42 sessions falling into one of the APAC themes: value based healthcare, leadership, transformational change, co-design, high performing organisations, or knowledge management. The APAC Forum programme gives you access to more than 130 high-profile speakers from 42 sessions. You will hear from world-renowned presenters, as well as the best New Zealand has to offer; people who are pioneering change and making a real difference to their organisations and to the lives of their patients and communities.

Programme at a glance

A quick and easy way to see all of the sessions

If you have a success story or local initiative to share then don’t miss the opportunity to present your work as a poster to the very best of the international healthcare community. Poster displays are an integral part of APAC; providing an opportunity for organisations and individuals to share their improvement strategies and celebrate their successes with other attendees.


Following on from last year’s successful forum in Melbourne APAC has once again returned home to New Zealand. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand might look small on a world map but, it’s as diverse as several continents rolled into one. And it’s jam-packed with things to do – from experiencing world-class wine to exploring alpine valleys.


The 4th APAC Forum will be held at Auckland’s SKYCITY Convention Centre. Situated in the heart of the CDB SKYCITY is home to a casino, theatre, hotels, restaurants, bars and of course the Sky Tower, which is a beacon of the city. To make life easy, The Conference Company can arrange your accommodation for you. They have secured great rates at SKYCITY as well as nearby hotels.

Making a Reservation

Bookings should be made by 15 August 2015. Accommodation will sell out fast. Last year attracted 1,500 delegates. We suggest don’t leave it until the last minute. To secure your reservation payment is required; either one night’s deposit or the full amount depending on the individual hotel’s policy. Please see terms and conditions upon booking for more details.

Changing your Reservation

Please advise The Conference Company of any change to a reservation rather than contacting the hotel direct.

Email: apacforum@tcc.co.nz

Telephone: +64 9 360 1240

Facsimile: +64 9 360 1242

Cancelling your Reservation

Please see the Terms & Conditions for each hotel


  • “APAC 2014 was an amazing chance to reflect on how much has changed in 12 months. I attended as a consumer and had a small co presentation. Through APAC I have learnt how to re embrace my survival tattoo (aka my scars) and have explored how I can make a lasting impact in healthcare. Last year I had lost my way and my confidence. Thank you for helping me find “me” again! It’s heartening to see healthcare professionals genuinely interested in each other’s’ work and generally showing support to each other.”
    Renee Greaves
    Patient Whaanau Care Advisor, Counties Manukau Health
  • “I wish that I could find the words to describe this incredible conference and attendee experience. The sessions, keynotes, exhibits, dinner, networking, buzz in the hallways, closing video and everything between were the very best! So, please understand when I say "congratulations" and "thanks" I mean so much more.  You rock!”
    Penny Carver
    President, Carver and Associates
  • “Overall this was the easily the best conference I have attended and I look forward to gradually applying the tips I have learnt with my team and my patients. Particularly around the topic of patient engagement.”
    Aaron de Farias
    Clinical Nurse Manager, Counties Manukau Health
  • “APAC 2014 was such a magnificent conference. The Eastern Health crew and I left on a massive high. We have been challenged, encouraged, recognised and inspired to do more to improve patient care.  The conference was simply fantastic and was the best of all that I have ever been to.  The calibre of speakers was very high, the venue and facilities were just great and the learning milieu an everlasting experience.  The posters were of the highest order too!”
    Alan Lilly
    Chief Executive, Eastern Health
  • “In my many years as a consumer advocate and Senior Health Policy and Planning Manager I’ve participated in many conferences and forums. The APAC Forum was the most positive example of how to bring people together and promote a shared care model that I’ve ever seen. It was indeed transformative and leading edge. I feel re-energised by your thought-leading effort.”
    Tricia Greenway
  • “APAC 2014 was a high energy forum of ideas, passion and visionary thinking. From our perspective it was a great success. We love having this calibre of thinking in our network. There was a buzz of excitement from people when talking about sessions, keynote speakers, international speakers, and examples of inspiring work being done.”
    Jean Fagan
    Principal and Chairman, HardyGroup International 
  • "The 3rd APAC Forum in Melbourne was excellent. And all the CEOs I connected with unanimously agreed. We're all very impressed and looking forward to signing up for next year. APAC has the best speakers. APAC has the best depth. APAC is the best!"
    Kevin Hardy
    Hardy Group
  • “The quality of the sessions, the experience and number of international speakers and their willingness to share, made this an exceptional conference from both a speaker and delegate perspective. This type of meeting is unprecedented in quality and safety in the Asia Pacific Region. Over 1500 registrants benefited from the exposure to some of the best experts in quality and safety in the world. The organisation and customer focus of everyone at the conference made it easy for attendees to navigate sessions, have opportunities to meet speakers, and network with other delegates.”
    Bernie Harrison
    Principal, Peloton Health Care Improvement Consulting
  • “I have no words for the hospitality, friendship and warmth Ko Awatea spread at APAC. It was a lovely conference with perfect arrangements. I am very impressed.”
    Goran Henriks
    Jongkoping Co, Sweden